Area Attractions

The McKenzie River has several attractions besides the beautiful outdoor trails, drives, and our river. Geothermal hot springs naturally heat relaxing pools. For a back-to-nature experience try Twilliger Hot Springs near Cougar Reservoir, clothing is optional. For a great experience with showers and lounge chairs the Bellknap Hotsprings pumps a piping hot underground spring into their swimming pool. Visit our local U.S. Calvary and Indian Museum, a prime collection of historic photos and items or visit the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest owned at operated by the U.S. Forest Service.

Belknap Hot Springs
Terwilliger Hot Springs
U.S.Calvary and Indian Museum
H.J.Andrews Experimental Forest
Friends of the Old McKenzie Fish Hatchery

Classic Mckenzie River

The Mckenzie River is home to the historic McKenzie River Drift Boat. Book your guide today and discover their smooth ride and all that the river has to offer. We are an ideal location for out-of-the-way business meetings, company retreats and small to medium sized conferences.

It is a fabulous, beautiful and peaceful place, whether for a personal or family retreat or a larger retreat such as ours.
Trinity H – TRAVELOCITYExcellent Retreat Spot!
Picture a rustic setting beside a babbling brook which leads into a beautiful, clear river full of trout. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed staying...
Charles H – TRIPADVISOR"Peace and Tranquility"
Once again, our Episcopal Church Women spent Friday night to Sunday in this beautiful setting along the river .... No prettier place on earth ....
Nancy C M – FACEBOOKNo prettier place on earth